A Garden Mirrors Life

SproutsAll lined up neat in a row. I thought they should share a window box and feed off one another’s growing powers! #That’showitworksright ? 🙂 It’s amazing how a garden can perfectly parallel a life. In a short matter of weeks, with a bit of patience, these green buds barely greIMG_1440w. So much so that their transition into life is seamless; however, looking back to when they are seeds to now, so much has changed. They’re taller and stand upright, radiating life and stretching towards the sun of life and drinking their fill of water. I admire these sprouts. In a matter of weeks, I have made small seamless changes too. And its not until right now that i can see how important it is to keep stretching towards the sun. I’m excited to start focusing on making my writing into a profession. There is so much more to learn and i’m going to keep growing. IMG_1442IMG_1443


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