Pennsylvania Winters

1378133_10151933732431797_115355039_nPennsylvania Girl
born and raised
in the City of Steel Stacks
taking hayrides through pumpkin patches
in hot Octobers
visiting Amish farm stands
laughing over drunken bonfires
hunting for slimy mud puppies
while trailing wild bucks
only to find soft eyed doe
with baby fawns–trailing close by.

Between cities of bridges and brothersIMG_0703
breathes miles of maize
–and buggies
–and mud sales
where curly haired Amish boys
punt roughly worn soccer balls.

Kayaking through Lake Promised Land
–Hiking hills with no crests
–Driving through echoing tunnels
Freely crossing tressles
hands clasping a friend’s –who is too terrified to look down.
Sipping on wheat beer 11155145_1101085299908308_6551503884220963728_o
in frigid April
on a porch with insomniac friends.
Gazing at falling snow
over tacky Christmas lights
in a car with your high school sweetheart
–Wishing these Pennsylvania winters would never end.


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