September 18th: A day of Transformations

Daily SpreadIMG_1494

Transformation:IMG_1497 How fitting, to accept the death of a current situation. A day declared to the commitment of healing, a day i launch my blog, a day i start writing again. It is essential to learn how to live in a world without self-restricting thoughts. It is time to end self-imposed restriction that only stunt growth and prevent forward movement. To truly move forward as a healer, put to rest the beast and let yourself transform into a human again

IMG_1498Ace of Swords: Again, acknowledging beginnings of a sort. Use logic and action to actively make transformation meaningful. Be honest about the reality of what is possible. don’t get carried away with grand ideas that usually fall short of reality. Stay on-top of yourself, be accountable, but progressive. Realize the way forward is through logical actions.

10 of Pentacles: Familial ties, whether good or bad exist as a baggage: a part of your past. It’s so easy to slide backwards and dig up dead issues, but those actions no longer service you as a transforming individual. It only prevents your need to be human and keeps the situation bestial (back to Transformation card). In this time of new beginnings, take comfort in past experiences and earned wisdom. Try not to demonize your baggage. It’s present for a reason. You wouldn’t be you without it but recognize that it’s done. No amount of re-living or self destruction can change, validate, or help in a present or future sense.



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