Accept and Move On


Ten of Swords: This is the end of a cycle and IMG_1524a beginning of a new chapter. Keep riding this mood of change. It is so important to liberate yourself from old, bad habits and behaviors. Beware the role of the victim. Cut past martyrdom and reinvent yourself to be more authentic. It won’t be simple because life is always uncertain and nature is unpredictable. Despite that, keep logical and fight forward.

IMG_1525Five of Cups: Feelings of loss or emptiness could rise. Even though the cup spills water does not mean we are permanently without emotional support. It can always be picked up and refilled. You can’t always control everything and denying the truth and present opportunities by harping over a lack of control only hurts your mission to heal. Tend to your emotional imbalances and stay healthy. Accept the past and move forward.

Redemption/ Judgment: If emotions are balaIMG_1526nced, a sense of liberation will follow. The ultimate end is an earned sense of transformation. A full embracing of new life. Face your truths. Stop blaming everyone, even yourself. End these condemnations and make choices that support the lifestyle you desire. Really slow down and stop to think things through. Again, don’t fret over things that are out of control.



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