Downtown Gallery Crawl: From Historic Roots, Art Blooms

IMG_1693As a recent Pittsburgher, one of my biggest fears about moving here was not finding a community that I could fit in with. Simply speaking, I thought I’m a small, country girl moving to a big city by myself: “will there even be an opportunity to fit into a city scene?” I can’t speak for other cities, but as for Pittsburgh the answer will always be a loud and certain, “Yes!”

IMG_1656Pittsburgh nurtures a community scaling from professionals to artists. It’s small, but diverse enough that you never have to choose a night out at only one location. It would be very easy to dine the corners of IMG_1658Market Square and ponder over sparkling mists at Point Park all in one night. It’s a community offering social opportunities that are not only easily available to all, but are unlike anything I’ve ever witnessed. A perfect example of one of these social events is the most recent Gallery Crawl hosted in Downtown Pittsburgh on September 25th from 5:30-11:00pm.

Downtown transformed IMG_1653into a playground for adults of all ages, offering life size chess sets, various vendors, countless art exhibits, and wonderful, catchy soundtracks humming through the busy streets. What was wonderful to me, as a budgeting body, was money was not necessary to enjoy the festivities of the Gallery Crawl. The experience was priceless but ultimately fulfilling to a soul in need of inspiration.

A definite crowd pleaser had to of been the India in Focus concert. The streets simply sparkled with the inspired spirits of many dancing and expressing the memorable beats pumping the airwaves. It was warming to witness such a diverse crowd coming together to appreciate a specific culture.

Other gallery hotspots included Hetain Patel’s “Eva” series and “Jump” video installation at the Wood Street Galleries, the “Plus One” contemporary technology exhibit showcasing the importance of textures and patterns to the Indian culture, and the Humanae/ I am August photo gallery showcasing the human color palettes.

IMG_1701IMG_1700It just goes to show us that art has no definite definition. It can be unorthodox, contemporary; contradicting at times, but always serves as a means to collect witness of its surrounding community. There is beauty in simple mundane tasks; such as, folding laundry. There is a need to recognize the differences of individuals, while still understanding that we make up a larger community. All that can be expressed in a collective series of snapshots showcasing our very own Pittsburgh public. At a time when we are beginning to welcome Fall into our streets, it was beautiful to be reminded of the seasons changing through the tapestry laser point illustration at the SPACE “Plus One” exhibit.


Pittsburgh is a city you don’t want to fall asleep on, not when there are so many experiences to be had steps away from your neighborhood. There is history being made everywhere, even between the iconic landmarks that make this city so enchanting and inviting. Last night, I witnessed neighborhoods gathering at the Gallery Crawl for the name of art.


take the time to commit to your community and #healthyself



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