I stand at the mirror examining my own unflawed body.
Unscared and smooth wondering where are my memories?
I have no proof to solidify my damage.
Running my fingers along my bare wrists to feel no scratch,
no subtle altercation.
I must be mad–
–I have no proof of the damage done.


Paralyzing Emotions


Mentor/ Hierophant: IMG_1638The cat is a guide who is both cunning and wise. There are definite challenges ahead but be sure to use fundamental knowledge as a tool to overcome obstacles. Trust your innate wisdom when you draw the mentor. It may be tempting to just fall to status to avoid conflict; however, expressing your creative self will gain respect in your plans to move forward.

IMG_1639Judgment: Feelings of intense guilt in some way or some form may be coming forth. Don’t take responsibility for someone elses’ projection of unhappiness. Don’t allow others to project guilt onto you for their feelings of inadequacy. Remain objective in your conflict and trust your gut, not your feelings of guilt. Remain slow in decision making. Keep avoiding those hasty decisions.

Nine of Swords: Feelings of worry are also present. IMG_1640Without being consumed with fret take a look at what is triggering these bothering emotions. Why is this your reaction. What is the root? Don’t be haste when acting out this feeling. Instead reflect and ask yourself why you feel this way because of “x”. Don’t become so overwhelmed that you may become immobilized. Be logical. Trust that gut instinct of the mentor and acknowledge this internal nagging feeling.


A lot of guilt, obstacles, and desire to just shut down because of times being tough. There is no good in falling suit alongside the nine of swords. You’ll only end up in a worse off situation than prior. Don’t allow yourself to spiral. Be logical, cunning, respectful and take action . Don’t worry about judgment from others and don’t be paralyzed by your overwhelming emotions. Take logical, realistic baby steps and handle yourself in order to #healthyself.




Ground Your Journey 

Four of Pentacles: this archetype is stubborn, stagnant, possessive, limiting, controlling, and restrictive. In this world of materialism, possessiveness is at its worst. We must put less emphasis on our possessions. This card stands as a warning to stop trying to control everything in the world and your immediate surroundings. You simply can’t live your life fully while believing your course of action is the best or only one to follow.

Let go.

 Ten of Pentacles: you are at a stable place when it comes to materialism. Admittedly, we all have more than we NEED; so, stop fretting over securing and hoarding your possessions and enjoy your time with the ones you have to share with instead. Truly, take the time to work on your emotional thriving, because in other regards you are fine. Don’t take fine to be “rich” and partying with the 1%, but rather as simply fine .

You can live well and love more with good company.

Six of Swords: recovery. Allow yourself to drift away from trouble and difficulties in hopes for a positive new beginning. This card is about willingness to communicate yourself with the ones around you. Go out, exchange ideas, inspire and be inspired by words and relationships. Get lost in recovering yourself, new perspectives, and commit to your physical or mental journey.

 Pentacles keep this reading grounded. Be reminded to not get too mentally focused in a recent journey that you forget or fret about the physical world that is present. Take your journeys and heal, but tend to your loved ones. They care and cherish you. Remove from the self and link with others as a means to keep healing.

And just because mums are in season: here’s another shot… Just because


The Cloud Effect

Otherwise known as that moment when you are simultaneously thinking about everything, while calmly not thinking specifically about anything. It’s a moment of both bliss and chaos. You’re endlessly reminded of your immediate purpose, which is to acknowledge. There is a constant demand to validate those tasks by indulging in that moment to think about them. The fact that there’s so much to think about, at once, proves your worth as a person: a person who is expected to follow through.   In that state of foggy, racing thoughts, if asked what you are thinking about, you couldn’t manage to mutter anything more than a measly “nothing” . This is because our thoughts are stretching vast skies hovering both mountains and coastlines, casting both rain and hail, all while blessing the bare faces of children chalking sidewalks with warm solar rays of affection.   It’s a frustrating state of mind , especially when trying to communicate in relationships ( not exclusively romantic). How can we expect to effectively communicate this cloudy effect on the brain that overwhelms the tongue and bewilders the senses? How could you possibly expunge every micro thought that your brain is both hypersensitive and numb to, all at once?  Quite simply, you can’t without sounding like a manic mess. Yet, it’s so important to try to spill your tongue. In the midst of random non sequiturs, feel bliss in the release. Make sense of it later, rather than finding yourself lost once again in that fog that leads you back into the cloud effect. Don’t get sucked back into the crystallized particles–freezing your senses. It can be painfully beautiful and inviting but perpetually lonely and cyclically isolating. In a relationship, pray that you are purging your brain to someone who is patient and loving enough to sort through the thoughts with you. Like a jigsaw puzzle, they’ll collect corner pieces while you match like colorsalong the  edges coffee table over warm herbal teas, while the clouds unleash a downpour outside…yet, somewhere across town its inexplicably sunny.


Accept and Move On


Ten of Swords: This is the end of a cycle and IMG_1524a beginning of a new chapter. Keep riding this mood of change. It is so important to liberate yourself from old, bad habits and behaviors. Beware the role of the victim. Cut past martyrdom and reinvent yourself to be more authentic. It won’t be simple because life is always uncertain and nature is unpredictable. Despite that, keep logical and fight forward.

IMG_1525Five of Cups: Feelings of loss or emptiness could rise. Even though the cup spills water does not mean we are permanently without emotional support. It can always be picked up and refilled. You can’t always control everything and denying the truth and present opportunities by harping over a lack of control only hurts your mission to heal. Tend to your emotional imbalances and stay healthy. Accept the past and move forward.

Redemption/ Judgment: If emotions are balaIMG_1526nced, a sense of liberation will follow. The ultimate end is an earned sense of transformation. A full embracing of new life. Face your truths. Stop blaming everyone, even yourself. End these condemnations and make choices that support the lifestyle you desire. Really slow down and stop to think things through. Again, don’t fret over things that are out of control.