It Won’t Kale You Ice Cream

IMG_1510If you’re anything like me, as a Vegan, you get looks of disgust while you’re picking out bunches of kale from your not so vegan friends and family, (who were all raised on meat and potato diets). If I had a quarter for every time someone complains about the taste, texture, or look of Kale…I wouldn’t be a broke vegan, I’ll tell you that much. Maybe I’m just not networked with enough vegans.I’m not sure where the abhorrence towards kale comes from. It’s pretty amazing to consider those ruffles where naturally created. Earth’s very own textile.
My fiancéIMG_1521 is pretty set against Kale…and Sweet Potatoes…and Pumpkins…pretty much, anything delicious and nutritious ;). Anyway, I got him to try this “It won’t Kale you Ice Cream” and even he was a fan!!!
So for all you who want the vitamins, but can’t stomach the taste, texture, or look of Kale, give this recipe a try for a night time indulging snack.

• 1 cup of Kale
• 1 Frozen Banana
• ½ Cup Pineapple tidbits
• ½ tsp of Vanilla Extract
• 1 Mint Sprig
• Semi-sweets for garnish (optional)

• In a food processor, blend all ingredients until the texture resembles soft serve. Serve immediately.
Easy, right? Delicious? I know!

IMG_1533 IMG_1532

Don’t be dissuaded by the green color, it’s minty and not scary. So, eat your greens!