An expansive eye for a new sense of truth IMG_0924has me ensnared with the idea of perception. Born in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, under the imitation star that watches over steel stacks, not sand dunes, I grew up scribbling in journals. As a child, anything and everything filled those pages from random lists to research notes and observations of cloud formations.

Attending Clarion University, as an IMG_1456English Education major, allowed me to explore my writing style with a more focused concentration. Yet, after graduating with honors, I found more enjoyment and interest in my published poetry and creative writing than the promising future set before me as a future educator of America. My skills as a creative writer, editor, and educator qualify me to be a promising success in whatever career path I decide to travel.

Be Inspired & Inspire Back. Indulge in plant-based, vegan recipes, resonate and identify with daily spreads of insight. But most importantly, take the time to heal.



2 thoughts on “Home

  1. Funny, I lived in Bethlehem and graduated from Liberty. Lived on 11th avenue across from a baseball field. Life is weird – loved your poem Relapse. Thanks for connecting with me! – Bill

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